About F10

Innovation through collaboration

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with hubs in Switzerland, Singapore, Nordics & Baltics, and Spain.

We believe the fastest route to innovation lies in early collaboration between startups, incumbents and investors. Each stakeholder benefits from shared skills, experience and insight.

Our founding sponsor was SIX, a global financial infrastructure provider and operator of the Swiss and Spanish stock exchanges. Today it is joined by a global cohort of influential banks, consultancies, insurers and tech firms.

Our mission is to unite tech startups with big business to shape the future of banking and insurance

How we work

Connections that deliver

Regular startup programs and industry events connect our stakeholders either digitally or in person at our four global hubs.

More than face-time, the F10 team ensures everyone gets the most out of our ecosystem, from priming startups to work with investors, to providing an entrepreneurial environment for corporates to innovate.
Come on over

Local hubs, global reach

Our hardworking hubs in global financial centres give local startups global reach.
They benefit the local area too, creating jobs, investment and entrepreneurial culture.
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