Green Fintech Network launches the first action plan to position the Swiss financial centre as a global leader in sustainable finance

April 8, 2021

F10 collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders from academia, tech and venture capital in the Green Fintech Action Plan. This plan aims to support the Swiss government and the financial services industry in better understanding how a global leadership position in Sustainable Finance can be achieved by leveraging Green Fintech solutions.

F10 joined the Green Fintech Network initiated by the State Secretary for International Finance (SIF) in November 2020, and since then has collaborated in drafting a broad set of recommendations to improve framework conditions for Green Fintech inSwitzerland, suggesting concrete actions and supporting their implementation.

Switzerland is ideally positioned to seize the enormous opportunities arising from the global push for a more sustainable financial sector. In its recent financial market policy, the Swiss Federal Council reiterated its commitment to position the Swiss financial centre as a global leader in sustainable finance, taking advantage of digital technology. The Green Fintech Network is a group of experts from the green digital finance ecosystem contributing to this ambition.


“The F10 team is excited about contributing to a more sustainable financial sector, by helping to implement the Green Fintech Action Plan with our partners”, says Gerrit Sindermann, Country Success Lead Switzerland at F10. “Climate and sustainability have become central topics in the financial services industry.”


F10 has identified a number of initiatives through which it will take an active role in generating, supporting and funding green fintech innovations:

1. Dedicated Climate Fintech Accelerator Programming (strategic partnership with New Energy Nexus)

2. Hosting a dedicated Climate Fintech Hackathon

3. Opening the F10 API Sandbox to additional partners willing to support Climate Fintech use cases (e.g. ESG or Open Wealth data)

In the coming months, F10 will develop these initiatives, working closely together with the Green Fintech Network, and leveraging the invaluable support of existing and new corporate partners.

Download the action plan on here!

Building on its extensive experience in facilitating open innovation for leading financial services players, F10 will apply and further evolve its proven innovation platform and ecosystem model to support industry partners in effectively seizing opportunities and complying with regulatory duties arising from the global push for a multi-trillion dollar transformation of the world’s economy and society.

F10 welcomes enquiries from industry players wanting to be at the forefront of Green Fintech and Climate Fintech innovation, and who are interested in supporting F10 in its journey.

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