25 Startups selected for new Accelerator across all F10 hubs to empower collaboration with corporate partners

August 26, 2021

F10 announces 25 growth-stage FinTech & InsurTech startups selected from more than 350 applications globally joining the newly designed Accelerator in its Zurich, Singapore and Madrid hubs. The goal of this 3-month program is to accelerate post-revenue startups and to facilitate successful collaborations with F10 corporate partners.

The program kicks off on the 6th of September and lasts for three months. Scouting and selection of the startups was done in close collaboration with F10 corporate partners in each hub. The program itself is aimed towards setting the stage for and developing successful collaborations, implemented via a 360 degree startup analysis, an in-depth collaboration playbook facilitated by a dedicated F10 coach, and regular knowledge and experience exchange between participating startups and corporate partners.


Startups selected for this new Accelerator will gain life-time access to the F10 Startup Services – flexible, on-demand content spanning the F10 Academy, online learning and peer to peer exchange based on startups’ needs, the F10 Mentor program, access to a network of more than 250 mentors across all hubs, as well as the F10 Investor Introduction Service.

Meet the global Acceleration cohort

F10 Spain Acceleration Batch I

F10 Spain Acceleration Batch I

F10 Spain announces six growth-stage WealthTech and RegTech startups joining the first cohort. Renta 4 and BME have been closely involved in the scouting and selection of the startups and are committed to collaborate with the scale ups from Batch I.

Andrea Sanchez, F10 Spain Country Head, mentions that "there is an important challenge in the field of open innovation to generate  efficient work processes between startups and corporations. In the new F10 program we seek to accelerate collaboration between both parties and help them optimize resources and identify opportunities that can make a difference in the future. The areas of work will be in WealthTech and RegTech as the market is demanding solutions with business models that generate efficiency and improve the consumer experience."

Inventrust (USA)

InvenTrust powers infrastructure and marketplaces for transacting alternative assets. Market makers leverage the InvenTrust platform to help master, appraise, tokenize, and distribute alternative assets.

Hercle Financial (Italy)

Hercle developed proprietary ultra-low latency technology to offer end-to-end prime-brokerage solution and trading algorithms to institutional investors who are interested in gaining exposure to crypto-assets.

LOQR (Portugal)

LOQR is your digital enabler that provides a fully compliant end-to-end platform allowing banks and other highly regulated verticals to take the nextstep to a digital business. Through LOQR’s portfolio, we enable banks and other organizations.

Fligoo (USA)

Fligoo, a global young tech company with expertise in Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, focuses on helping fortune 500 corporations increase their ROI through Enterprise AI solution.

Pibisi (Spain)

Pibisi is a cloud-based modular application that allows companies of any size to automate their AML procedures.

Neuroprofiler (France)

Neuroprofiler helps financial institutions turn MiFIDII requirements into business opportunities by assessing their clients' investment preferences, including ESG preferences through behavioral finance and gamification..

F10 Singapore Acceleration Batch II

Logos of startups onchain custodian, doomoolmori, InvestaX, bluefire AI, greenarc,, new wealth
F10 Singapore Acceleration Batch II

F10 Singapore is proud to announce the 7 growth-stage startups that have been selected to join Acceleration Batch II with focus on the latest innovations in WealthTech, DeepTech and Sustainable Finance. This cohort boast many accomplished startups  in their respective fields such as Green Arc who is working with BNP Paribas on an Impact Audit project funded by MAS FSTI program, Senseforth.Ai, conversational AI leader which has recently raised $14 million. Onchain Custodian which counts Sequioa Capital as one of their investors and BlueFire Ai, whose solution Emmalyn was recently awarded best AI-based solution by Waters Technology. SIX Group, Julius Baer and R3 are the corporate sponsors of the this program.

“We are truly excited about the quality of startups that F10 attracts and we hope to keep the momentum strong by connecting our corporate partners and facilitating their interaction smoothly,” said Jonas Thürig, Country Head of F10 Singapore.  

Green Arc Capital (Singapore)

Impact investing fintech specialise in providing investors with credible impact measurement to reflect the real-world impact of their portfolios and investments on society and environment.  

New Wealth (Singapore)

WealthTech provider of breakthrough wealth tools and smart FinApps using behavioural design and data-driven personalisation, mastering automated financial advise.  

InvestaX (Singapore)

Full spectrum of end to end digital securities issuance and trading for private markets

Doomoolmori (South Korea)

Investment solution providing a customised investment journey for each’s customer’s financial goal

BlueFire AI (Singapore)

Industry’s first predictive Risk Signal provider in the investment space

OnChain Custodian (Singapore)

Offers enterprise-grade, secure, insured and compliant digital asset custody and open finance services to corporates, institutional and affluent customers.  

Senseforth AI (USA)

Builds chatbots and voice bots that aims to help enterprises cut support costs and increase sales.  

F10 Switzerland Acceleration Batch III

Logos of startups Swidch, sustema, konfuzio, urgentem!, deedster., actesy, divizend, signD, proof of impact, surfly,, art recognition
F10 Switzerland Acceleration Batch III

F10 Switzerland announces 12 growth-stage FinTech and InsurTech startups joining Batch III with a special focus on sustainable finance and SME services. Corporate partners SIX, Julius Baer, Baloise and Generali/HITS have been closely involved in the scouting and selection of the startups and are looking forward to working with the post-revenue scale ups.

“This corporate program has been developed based on 5 years of practical experience with open innovation challenges of different corporate partners”, says Gerrit Sindermann, Head of F10 Switzerland, “it is a structured process to identify and assess the most suitable entrepreneurial partners and to facilitate an efficient and effective start of a corporate-startup collaboration. It's therefore maximizing likelihood of success for both sides, corporate partners and startups.”

Divizend (Germany)

Divizend is the leading international wealth-tax platform for the fastest way to reclaim foreign dividend withholding taxes by automating this process in a novel, intuitive, price-competitive way. With our holistic approach verbalized by the claim “Find, Act, Maximize”, Divizend‘s platform will be the central place for investors striving for high dividend earnings.

Actesy AG (Switzerland)

actesy provides turnkey data solutions for executives and companies. They don’t have to be experts in data science. actesy enables them to create cost and resources efficiencies, optimize processes and harness innovation. Our solutions are compliant and future-proof enabling access to consolidated data quickly and easily, and creating seamless tasks’ automation.

Deedster (Sweden)

Deedster enables the shift to sustainable lifestyles using technology, gamification and climate-psychology. With our digital platform our corporate customers engage their employees or customers in taking action for the climate and in doing so creating a powerful branding for themselves and real climate impact.

Urgentem (UK)

Urgentem is the award-winning, independent provider of transparent emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry. Urgentem pioneers in tracking entire value chain emissions data and has an innovativeClimate Risk Platform. We provide tools and solutions to enable financial services industry manage climate-transition risk and identify opportunities.

Proof of Impact (USA)

POI has built a digital impact data performance platform to uniquely offer collection, verification, analysis and trading of impact data for the private market in the most reliable, scalable and costs efficient way. It was awarded “Best in Class” by Swiss Development Corporation out of 86 impact data providers.

Art Recognition AG (Switzerland)

At Art Recognition we have developed an AI system which can establish the authenticity of an artwork by analyzing its photograph. The algorithm learns the main characteristics of an artist from photographs of original artworks by that artist and can subsequently determine whether a submitted artwork is original or fake.

SignD Identity (Austria)

We offer different onboarding solutions in a single easy-to-use platform. With SignD Quantum our customers can handle over 10different KYC, KYB, AML, PEP, Document, Identity, Open Banking technologies and easily tailor the onboarding flow that they need. Don ́t lose your time looking for multiple products and data providers!

Weave.AI (USA)

Weave.AI helps investors evaluate the materiality of ESG claims, improve portfolio allocation, reduce investment risks, and better engage stakeholders. It employs advanced AI to automatically and transparently analyze and benchmarkESG disclosures and performance. Companies also employ Weave.AI to automate the end-to-end benchmarking and improvement of their ESG profiles.

SwIDch (UK)

We are committed to bringing secure authentication to every digital identity even in the off-the-network environment. Based on the world’s first one-way dynamic authentication technology, swIDch sets a new standard for authentication in cybersecurity beyond the limitations of existing technologies.

Surfly (Netherlands)

Surfly is a high-growth and award-winningAmsterdam-based start-up building interaction middleware that can share, secure and transform web experiences. We help our clients thrive in the era of digital transformation and remote product / service distribution, especially in highly regulated industries. Our mission is to innovate online interactions.

Sustema (Switzerland)

Sustema analyses corporate behavior using publicly available data to improve the underwriting performance of commercial insurers. We have shown loss ratio gains of 28% with customers in Switzerland, Germany, UK and the US in backtesting of their portfolios.

Konfuzio (Germany)

Helm & Nagel is the service provider and Konfuzio is the product, an extensible AI end-to-end platform that enables Data Scientists to quickly build state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence pipelines on data in business documents in a sandbox, integrate AI as containerized workloads to automate processes and improve them with humans in the feedback loop via a user-friendly web interface.

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