Sylon is a micro-investing mobile app that rounds up transactions and automatically invests the “spare change” into a portfolio that makes sense for the customer.
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Focussed on digitizing financial planning, OAKIFY is solving long term personal finance and bridging the widening gap between the financial advisory industry and the digital generations.
Emlo Technologies is a B2B startup focused on regulatory technology. Their vision is to provide innovative and affordable RegTech services and their mission is to make regulatory compliance simple.
Tunibibi is a cross-border B2B order fulfilment platform where micro-SMEs trade globally through their local payment methods to reduce international payment processing cost & consolidate cargo in IoT based SMART warehouses to minimize freight charges.
An eBook publishing platform where each copy of eBook is represented by NFTs, enabling ebay-like marketplaces for the books you love to read, resell, share.
Syla solves crypto tax and empowers investors and their tax advisers to make more from their crypto wealth.
Lexikat makes advanced natural language processing (NLP) models that users can customise to their needs via a simple drag-and-drop interface, producing far greater accuracy than standard systems at lower cost.
PLG is a portable benefits platform for the gig economy, who enable independent contractors to pick and choose company sponsored workplace benefits through a simple plug and play platform on their work apps.
We are pioneer of Web 3.0 and builder of blockchain native social platform. We aim to become the standard of Web 3.0 services and create the ecosystem for every NFT-based Web 3.0 service.
Chaca is a secondhand market made by CakepLabs company in order to help users sell their secondhand goods. Chaca Market provides "Buy Now Pay Later" payment method that benefits both sellers and buyers. is a digital platform that manages money transfers abroad, connecting people from different parts of the world.
Sylon is a micro-investing mobile app that rounds up transactions and automatically invests the “spare change” into a portfolio that makes sense for the customer. optimizes your stock market strategies thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to financial markets.
Principia - invests cash reserves of middle-sized businesses, aiming to eliminate all opportunity costs of unused capital.
Moya is a money management platform for the self- employed in South Africa, this includes freelancers, sole traders and gig workers.
JOOS® is a fast, easy and innovative way to bring content creators and their fans together
Denq creates a digital account that places consumers first by offering a seamless first-rate experience despite being 100% digital.
FINDOIT helps companies retain talent by helping employees improve their financial health and plan their personal goals.
AIRA System is a tool for inspection, review and risk analysis, customer updating and cross-selling.
Surfly's vision is vision is a world where online interactions have endless possibilities.
swIDch is committed to bringing secure authentication to every digital identity even in the off-the-network environment.
We are devoted to clearing the path to a sustainable world by developing engaging tools and technical solutions that empower people to go in with their eyes open and start changing the world. Deed by deed.
Sustema analyses corporate behavior using publicly available data to significantly improve the underwriting performance of commercial insurers.
All-you-need partner for onboarding servies like KYC, Identity Verification, KYB and open banking.
Document AI platform to OCR, categorize, and extract information from documents to put information where your business needs it, automate processes, or analyze data.
Art Recognition offers to art lovers and experts an AI system which can establish the authenticity of an artwork only based on a photograph of it.
Award-winning, independent provider of transparent and science-aligned carbon emissions data and climate risk analytics
Complex data made easy. We enable you to focus on tasks that matter and draw meaningful insights from your data.
AI to help investors and companies evaluate the materiality of ESG claims, benchmark peer groups, improve portfolio allocation, reduce risks, and better engage stakeholders.
Divizend's software helps private and institutional investors to reclaim their taxes by automating the refund process of foreign withholding tax on dividends in a novel, user-friendly and price-competitive way.
InvenTrust powers infrastructure and marketplaces for transacting alternative assets.
Tech company with expertise in Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, focuses on helping fortune 500 Corporations increase their ROI through Enterprise AI solution
Fully compliant end-to- end platform allowing banks and other highly regulated verticals to take the next step to a digital business.
Pibisi is a cloud-based modular application that allows companies of any size to automate their AML procedures.
Turns MiFIDII requirements into business opportunities by assessing clients' investment preferences, incl. ESG through behavioral finance and gamification.
Hercle developes proprietary ultra-low latency technology to offer end-to-end prime-brokerage solutions and trading algorithms to institutional investors who are interested in gaining exposure to crypto-assets.
Enterprise-grade, secure, insured and compliant digital asset custody & open finance services. builds AI-powered chatbots and voice bots that are aimed at helping enterprises cut support costs and increase sales.
Doomoolmori offers an investment solution providing a customized investment journey for each customer’s financial goal.
Blue Fire AI is a pioneering technology company passionately dedicated to digital innovation in Risk Management.
Wealth tools & smart FinApps - applying data-driven personalization and mastering automated financial advice.
InvestaX offers end to end digital securities issuance and trading for private markets.
GreenArc Capital is an impact investment fintech helping to close the UN SDG financing gap by increasing the flow of capital towards social and environmental investments.
Reinventing mobility — a seamless global mobility alliance: From taxis and city bikes to trains and spaceships.
BUYOGO is a Zurich-based software startup, which offers small and medium-sized businesses integrated digital commerce solutions.
CryptoIndexSeries provides AI-driven, institutional-grade data, analytics and trading tools for Crypto Markets.
The ethical personal impact companion and loyalty rewards platform providing the foundations for living sustainably.
MANU analytics tracks behavioral data while the person progresses through online application to identify unqualified customers before onboarding and help companies select only the best.
Mympact is the sustainable bank account that helps you live an eco-friendly live.
Enabling wealth management companies to fully integrate clients' values into the investment process.
Powering liquidity of security tokens through financial institutions.
Strabo is the easiest way to manage your finances around the globe.
Finance the transition to a zero carbon economy by sourcing auditable ESG data from non-listed companies and offering sustainable finance products.
Foster the value of the external workforce.
Empowering a streamlined data journey for intelligent insights.
warrify makes every shopping experience as personal as in the shop next door.
Xpats is the all-in-one solution for money management, settlement challenges and local immersion services.
Whenwhyhow is an AI-based solution to surface insights and build customer mindset understanding.
Travatar is a cloud-based solution preventing ad budget waste, eliminating fake traffic and fraud.
Tradeasy is a platform to help retail traders to Improve their results with Innovative technology and methodology.
Scorce is an API Management HUB & Marketplace for companies in LATAM & Europe - Find the best APIs for your needs.
Inveert is the digital platform that enables financial entities to offer a personalized goal-based advisory service.
Flow is an online wallet that facilitates international transfers and payments.
Further opens up the private markets to retail investors by democratizing the access to the inaccessible private markets, starting with venture capital.
Fazil is a 100% digital account designed to control and pay your daily expenses with your phone. No commissions, no conditions and no plastic cards.
Abroaden is the first all-digital investment manager & financial adviser for people living and working abroad.
Pathbreaking Supply Chain Finance
A Price-Stable Digital Wallet with an Algorithmic Central Bank
AI powered project risk and workforce adviser for distributed agile teams
No code platform for data-matching, reconciliation and approval workflow.
Empowering Investment Professionals with Data Science Capabilties
DAOFAB (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for All Businesses)
Moneko is building the all-in-one, personal finance super app for Asia
Connected Risk Platform reshaping non-financial risk management
Regtech with an Enterprise Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting Solution
Pioneer Crypto Supply Chain Financing
Effectively manage & securely share verified Know Your Customer data via Blockchain.
Discovery of unstructured data for automated governance, data privacy and protection and cloud optimization.
Neuroprofiler uses behavioral finance and gamification to uncover the true ESG preferences of investors.
White-label platform for processes in issuance, corporate mgmt, trading of tokenized securities
Elevates customer experience by orchestrating journeys using rich real-time and predictive analytics.
The most secure platform to store, analyze, and share data, using Confidential Computing.
Unique SaaS-B2B-Network concept, tailor made for financial institutions allowing them to easily offer digital assets.
Verif-y enables organizations to seamlessly authenticate counterpart identities without needing to see or store the data
Elimity helps highly-regulated enterprises secure access to their IT assets as easily as possible.
Electronic promissory note (eNote™) infrastructure to enable liquidity crossing borders & markets without rule books.
Uphold your freedom and Independence In your golden years. Enjoy! Live! Discover!
Askdata makes data interaction as simple as a Google search.
A predictive data science platform that helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insight.
End-to-end digital customer onboarding, incl. KYC, risk modelling, digital forensics, gov & private data sources.
First independent digital asset custody services provider to receive CMS License from MAS.
Fully configurable, modular, no-code, enterprise-grade insurance platform for digital insurance transformation.
Powers both collaborative development and operationalisation of AI and ML models in production at scale.
Transforms complex regulations into digital compliance rules which are accessible for everyone.
Automate data extraction from documents and workflows using powerful AI.
Sustainable Compliance using the combined strength of AI and Blockchain.
Automated Corporate Due Diligence using AI.
Intelligent & instant decision making from data buried in financial PDFs.
Core platform for global, full-multi-asset investing by institutions.
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