Electronic promissory note (eNote™) infrastructure to enable liquidity crossing borders & markets without rule books.
FQX provides an electronic promissory note (eNote™) infrastructure that enables liquidity crossing borders and markets without rule books and in a banking-grade DLT environment.
FQX AG is a FinTech start-up that focuses on financial supply chain management by creating a platform that enables the issuing and receiving of e-Notes, secured through modern blockchain technology. As mentioned, FQX’s domain of activity is both the financial and legal technology space (FinTech and LegalTech) with primary focus on financial supply chain management and the trading of eNotes itself.
FQX AG provides a platform on which corporates, banks and investors can issue and receive e-Notes in real-time, resulting in improved liquidity and risk protection for both trading partners. The use of digital promissory notes is made possible due to new legislation, National acts covering DLT-based tokens, and existing legislation - such as the US Uniform Electronic Transactions Act that enables the digitization of negotiable instruments in combination with cutting-edge technology.
Meet the team


Frank Wendt

Frank Wendt is the CEO of FQX and is known to be a finance expert with across the board experience in over 25 years within trade, finance, risk management, cash and working capital.

Benedikt Schuppli

Benedikt Schuppli currently holds the position as COO and attorney-at-law at FQX and has extensive experience in the FinTech space as well as a creative lawyer and entrepreneur with multi- year experience in FinTech, Blockchain-based trading markets and banking.

Stephan D. Meyer

Dr. Stephan D. Meyer is currently the CPO and Chief Legal Engineer at FQX and is an expert in asset tokenization & legal engineering.

Philipp von Randow

Dr. Philipp von Randow holds the position of General Counsel and is a retired Partner with the global lawfirm Latham & Watkins in both Frankfurt and Doha. He has excellent connections in the world of global finance and is an expert in debt finance deals.
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Xpats is the all-in-one solution for money management, settlement challenges and local immersion services.
Whenwhyhow is an AI-based solution to surface insights and build customer mindset understanding.
A blockchain based platform that simplifies payments for accounts payables & extends credit for accounts receivables.
Travatar is a cloud-based solution preventing ad budget waste, eliminating fake traffic and fraud.
Tradeasy is a platform to help retail traders to Improve their results with Innovative technology and methodology.
SmartHedge is the best way to protect a business from currency fluctuations when buying and selling in a foreign currency.
Scorce is an API Management HUB & Marketplace for companies in LATAM & Europe - Find the best APIs for your needs.
Inveert is the digital platform that enables financial entities to offer a personalized goal-based advisory service.
Flow is an online wallet that facilitates international transfers and payments.
Further opens up the private markets to retail investors by democratizing the access to the inaccessible private markets, starting with venture capital.
Fazil is a 100% digital account designed to control and pay your daily expenses with your phone. No commissions, no conditions and no plastic cards.
Abroaden is the first all-digital investment manager & financial adviser for people living and working abroad.
Pathbreaking Supply Chain Finance
A Price-Stable Digital Wallet with an Algorithmic Central Bank
AI powered project risk and workforce adviser for distributed agile teams
No code platform for data-matching, reconciliation and approval workflow.
Empowering Investment Professionals with Data Science Capabilties
DAOFAB (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for All Businesses)
Moneko is building the all-in-one, personal finance super app for Asia
Connected Risk Platform reshaping non-financial risk management
Regtech with an Enterprise Regulatory Monitoring and Reporting Solution
Pioneer Crypto Supply Chain Financing
Effectively manage & securely share verified Know Your Customer data via Blockchain.
Discovery of unstructured data for automated governance, data privacy and protection and cloud optimization.
Neuroprofiler uses behavioral finance and gamification to uncover the true ESG preferences of investors.
White-label platform for processes in issuance, corporate mgmt, trading of tokenized securities
Elevates customer experience by orchestrating journeys using rich real-time and predictive analytics.
The most secure platform to store, analyze, and share data, using Confidential Computing.
Unique SaaS-B2B-Network concept, tailor made for financial institutions allowing them to easily offer digital assets.
Verif-y enables organizations to seamlessly authenticate counterpart identities without needing to see or store the data
Elimity helps highly-regulated enterprises secure access to their IT assets as easily as possible.
Electronic promissory note (eNote™) infrastructure to enable liquidity crossing borders & markets without rule books.
Uphold your freedom and Independence In your golden years. Enjoy! Live! Discover!
Expense Robot leverages AI to fully automate all expense and company credit card processes.
Askdata makes data interaction as simple as a Google search.
A predictive data science platform that helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insight.
End-to-end digital customer onboarding, incl. KYC, risk modelling, digital forensics, gov & private data sources.
First independent digital asset custody services provider to receive CMS License from MAS.
Fully configurable, modular, no-code, enterprise-grade insurance platform for digital insurance transformation.
Powers both collaborative development and operationalisation of AI and ML models in production at scale.
Transforms complex regulations into digital compliance rules which are accessible for everyone.
Automate data extraction from documents and workflows using powerful AI.
Sustainable Compliance using the combined strength of AI and Blockchain.
Automated Corporate Due Diligence using AI.
Intelligent & instant decision making from data buried in financial PDFs.
Core platform for global, full-multi-asset investing by institutions.
Next-gen Enterprise Data Management platform for financial institutions.
Enables anyone to create a digital fund in minutes and investors to seamlessly invest in funds worldwide.
Creating a data-driven reverse inquiry engine for alternative credit. 
We reinvent debt collection!
Data Training for Professionals
Blockchain monitoring to detect and prevent illegal use of cryptocurrencies
Put your expenses on autopilot
Unleash the Power of News
Digital solutions for stronger KYC & KYB compliance and exceptional client onboarding
Deliver hyper relevant content to inspire and motivate each customer
Democratizing liquidity in a tokenized world
A New Standard for Life and Health Insurance Underwriting
The wealth management platform and marketplace for EAMs.
Zappy is democratising automation so that every employee can get rid of their repetitive work.
Yova offers professional investments that combine sustainability impact with attractive returns.
Real time Business Insights through Cashflow analysis.
Solutions and services in voice based conversational technology and intelligent data analytics.
Smart Oversight brings technology to reduce compliance cost and workload.
Contract review and negotiation tool that acts as your AI-enhanced virtual lawyer.
Smart, interactive piggy banks that help parents teach kids the value of saving, chores and financial literacy.
Design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial institutions with a special focus on younger customers.
We detect hidden cyber threats.
Connecting banking & blockchain networks seamlessly.
Supercharge your Customer Service efficiency through the integration of Artificial Intelligence.
Incredibly quick digitalization of enterprise customer-facing processes.
Embedded insurance easy & simple via API directly at the Point-of-Sale.
We make AI-driven financial services on the decentralized ecosystem.
E-Commerce 2.0 – We digitize the way people sell online.
Safe and compliant client chat for your business has arrived.
Revolutionizes the way bankers and customers interact with each other and with everyday bank transactions.
NDGIT stands for Next Digital Banking and provides the first API platform for banking and insurance.
SaaS platform powering conversational AI to educate and empower people on retirement and long-term savings.
MultiSense biometric custom platform and technology raises security to a higher standard.
Automating claim recovery for insurances companies
We make it easy for financial services firms to comply with regulations.
Empowering wealth advisors to deliver individual, holistic and goal-based wealth planning & investment advice.
Provides real-time, audit-proof, primary company data for KYC/AML/EDD & business verification purposes.
The most personal online sales tool for the finance industry
Switzerland’s first residential real estate transaction platform and iBuyer. Sell and buy houses with a mouse click.
Securing a connected world.
We tell property owners, investors & financial institutes, where to invest.
We offer the financial intermediary sector new opportunities in tax matters.
First fully automated all-in-one platform for digital-age wealth managers
A cost effective netting platform that allows users to get paid and pay simultaneously.
Private Network, Public Trust.
The Marketplace for Alternative Investments
The Platform that insures the digital economy.
To extend insurance benefits in an economically viable way to low- and moderate income individuals.
B2B values-led digital wealth and pensions manager.
We give marketers data-driven insights into what content their target audience craves.
Uses digital payment and electronic fund transfer information to assess the need for insurance.
Applying Artificial Intelligence in support of integrity in on-line transactions.
Bringing technology regulated transparency to the digital fund management industry
Digital Swiss bank account for SMEs worldwide, built on proprietary compliance automation
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