BUYOGO is a Zurich-based software startup, which offers small and medium-sized businesses integrated digital commerce solutions.
Buyogo aims to bring digital excellence to SMEs' by connecting their front-end sales channels to their back-end ERP and other business systems using the Buyogo sales channel navigator.
BUYOGO is a Zurich-based software startup, which offers small and medium-sized businesses integrated digital commerce solutions.
The Buyogo Sales Channel Navigator provides modular access to all relevant digital sales channels, integrates your ERP systems and sales channels into a single source of truth, and automates your sales order processing so that your Business has to do less manually.
Meet the team


Anand Pareek

Anand is the CEO at Buyogo. He likes to keep the team on track and moving forward. He also enjoys running.

Anurag Agrawal

Anurag is the CTO at Buyogo. His focus is on finding and getting technical solutions implemented for customer and business problems. He enjoys all sports, listening to metal and loves his dog.

Martin Schuhmacher

Martin is the COO at Buyogo. He takes care of the teams and helps out wherever possible. He loves all food.

Daniel Dietrich

Daniel is CMO and co-founder on probation at Buyogo. He is responsible for client interaction and for building the Buyogo branding empire. He enjoys all kinds of outdoor sports and is eager to solve challenging riddles.
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The Startups

WeavAir provides accurate solutions for continous monitoring, prediction and management of ESG risk for financial institutions and their customers
TEORRA is a B2B digital platform helping brands find and transact with trusted sustainable suppliers, globally.
Rocket is an AI-run, crowd-sourced crypto hedge fund
JoJoWorld is a metaverse build from free, stackable 3D spaces that allows everyone to create their own homes
Agrifi is a digital credit ecosystem for farmers to access credit and help them purchase seeds and Agri inputs
Star Pickers creates a safe system for safe driving on the road. The business area is mobility safety smart city and Insure-tech. And the area continues to expand.
PredictRAM Defi developed Risk Management Protocol using AI, ML, CI & Web 3 technologies that created event Specific asset-backed tokens to mitigate individual portfolio risk at a low cost
Happi is facilitating underserved Bangladeshi youths (young professionals & university students) with instant credit & savings facilities through its app.
To become the “Mother of all digital Wallets” in by providing financial services to both consumers and merchants on a regulated manner.
Deltatheta - options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets with a brokerage license.
BitVision is digital asset accounting at a glance - automated and accurate.
Emilian is an InsurTech-as-a-Service company that helps insurance providers increase distribution. With the first B2B recommendation platform we automate the matching of insurance offerings and risk appetite with the needs of clusters of policyholders.
On a mission to protect eCommerce against temporary Internet Outages and help them monetize through Embedded Insurance.
The next-gen algorithmic investment technology platform for the crypto market.
Eco2wallet is an award winning Female-led, EU-finance backed, sustainable fintech, powered by a debit card that plants trees for each purchase, and a “pokemon” that evolves if you have sustainable purchases.
Crowdgenix is a decentralized multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and DEX platform offering multi-asset classes, including utility, security, hybrid, and non-fungible tokens.
myEGO delivers the next generation of infrastructure for digital identity: Decentralised & SSI.
Make intelligent investing accessible through a portfolio-centric interface and decentralized community.
AI-based Matching Platform for qualified financial advisors. Free, digital, independent.
We help web pioneers to build high-performing web3 companies. We help web3 builders to participate in the success of their work. We provide web3 agencies a powerful backbone to their workforce. We help investors diversify into a high-performing web3 portfolio.
Delega revolutionises signatory management. Co- developed by industry stakeholders, Delega is an innovative digital tool that empowers corporates and banks to get this complex process right first time. offers automated market research for insurances to power a sustainable go-to-market for existing and new products.
TransferChain is a decentralized cross-platform software bringing together distributed cloud storage, file transfer, and instant messaging. Integrating cutting-edge concepts of blockchain and cryptography with cloud, TransferChain creatively disrupts the dynamic markets of data privacy and data security. As of the third quarter of 2022, TransferChain safeguards the digital valuables of companies from six different countries and twelve different industries with the highest security and privacy in the cloud.
The OECD has passed Legal Instrument 0467 to mandatorily change existing DC pensions to offer lifetime incomes using 'tontines' or annuities. The OECD favours tontines over annuities because they enable higher levels of retirement income tha annuities
Omma VQ is an interactive, dynamic video platform, which provides the opportunity to communicate with different target audiences with personalized content through a video in real time.
Matter offers investors an alternative to traditional ESG ratings. By utilising cutting-edge technologies, the company harnesses wisdom-of the crowd data from hundreds of different sources, organises them into different datasets, and make these available to clients via intuitive interfaces and APIs for portfolio analysis and reporting.
impak is a growing French-Canadian scale-up whose mission is to help investors and lenders make more sustainable decisions by providing them with assessments that go beyond ESG and include both the negative and positive impacts of their assets.
Datia is a data platform for sustainable finance, working with forward thinking financial institutions automating their ESG workflows. Datia customers use Datia for ESG & analysis, screen portfolios, model ESG preferences and automate ESG, SFDR & EU Taxonomy reporting
Kaspar& enables banks to increase the value of their existing client base by offereing an innovative approach to transform retail clients into wealth management customers with every payment they make
Lookthrough produces ESG reports for real estate without the necessity of onsite visits, making ESG compliance scalable scalable and affordable for landlords
Kidbrooke helps financial institutions such as banks, wealth managers and insurance companies provide engaging, seamless, and affordable financial advice allowing everyone to make educated financial decisions for their future.
Dreamquark is an artificial Intelligence solution provider, founded in 2014 with a unique expertise in data science, software, and the wealth management industry. Its Saas enable banks, insurers, and wealth managers to empower all their functional and business teams to personalize their client journeys with AI and their data.
Brain creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong competences in statistics, machine learning and natural lan guage processing. chatbots allow you to responf in a relevant and scalable wat to your user's questions.
Sentimer is an Artificial Intelligence platform for digital sales, acquisition optimization and customer support: We work with banks and insurance companies to optimize digital signup, onboarding, and customer support processes, and to increase digital sales, upselling and conversion on website and landings.
We have the vision to empower community financial institutions through intuitive, conversational AI. The proprietary conversational AI fosters an enjoyable and efficient banking experience for users
We are the product distribution experts for financial institutions ensuring that they can bring the right products to the right clients at the right time in the right way.
We create products so that anyone can use blockchain technology.
distriBind is an Automated Data Exchange for Insurance, providing straight-through processing of risk, premium and claims data from distribution to capacity.
Our vision is to create a 'global regulatory community' that ensures users are presented with clear, current and actionable regulatory information and to match them with the regulatory services and products they need to help them better manage regulatory change. Think of it like the Bloomberg of regulatory information.
As opposed to traditional sustainability reporting tools, Pelt8 is the first SaaS platform that focuses on the operationalization of sustainability strategies across organizations while standardizing and simplifying data exchange among corporate partners and stakeholders.
Rivvi is a fintech platform that couples payroll processes with financial wellness. We automate payroll for businesses and allow employees to choose the pay cycle that fits their personal needs. Additionally, we help people to automatically improve savings and eliminate debt, helping them show up to work less stressed and better focused. We call this payroll with purpose™.
Splint Invest is a B2B2C platform, where retail investors can buy tokens of alternative investments. Combining smart contracts, DLT and AI, we tokenize assets effortless and fully automated. This allows us to offer access to many unserved retail customers when it comes to portfolio diversification and alternative investments.
Insurance companies take months and spend thousands of dollars to create terms and conditions for every policy program, terminos is a platform that let them create, localize and translate these documents in minutes instead of months and for a fraction of the cost.
yukii provides retail investors with easy access to the decentralized finance universe and helps them build a better performing crypto portfolio for private wealth building.
We are a blockchain-based fundraising platform for innovative SMEs. We solve two problems: 1) Restricted access to capital for SMEs by leveraging the power of Security Tokens; 2) Low liquidity for investors by bridging Security Tokens to Decentralized Exchanges where there are daily trading volumes of $3 billion
Truly enables everyone to live a more sustainable life without having to turn their life upside down.
Addmin is a modern document management system democratizing access to advanced files’ organization for entrepreneurs, SMEs & high-demanding individuals while ensuring bigger companies and online services can custom-build on top of its privacy-proof platform.
Cow Level is a Fintech-Startup for Gaming. The main project is “FiPME”, an Exchange for the virtual worlds. We enable both private & business clients to trade virtual goods as if they were trading stocks at the NYSE and access market analytics on ingame economies.
We satisfy soaring HNWI digital expectations with a tailored aggregation & engagement platform for banks and service providers, enabling holistic reporting and collaboration through a peerless, premium client user experience.
Emlo Technologies is a B2B startup focused on regulatory technology. Their vision is to provide innovative and affordable RegTech services. Their mission is to make regulatory compliance simple.
Tunibibi empowers micro-SMEs to open their global store within 20 seconds and to complete a global trade within 2 days (usually takes up to 20-50 days) and minimizes global B2B payment processing cost up to 40% by embedding B2B fintech & freight management cost up to 30% by using smart IoT warehouses.
Prānah is an ebook publishing platform where each copy of ebook is represented by NFTs, enabling ebay-like marketplaces for the ebooks you love to read, resell and share.
Syla empowers investors and traders to save on tax and make more from their crypto wealth. Using Syla, investors can track their crypto portfolios and generate regulator compliant crypto tax reports with audit-proof accuracy.
Lexikat lets even non-technical users make advanced NLP models for assessing sentiment and predicting market changes. These provide the added accuracy needed to let users make informed trading decisions, generating consistently high returns.
PLG Partners is an open finance platform for the Gig Economy. They integrate with multiple merchants, government backed sources and associations to give independent workers access on the best products for their financial future.
Kryptonium is a pioneer of Web 3.0 and builder of blockchain native social protocols and modules. Their service beoble aims to become the social standard of Web 3.0 services and create the ecosystem for any other Web 3.0 service for building social features.
Chaca is a secondhand market and local service platform created by CakepLabs to assist users in selling their used products and gaining employment. Chaca Market offers a "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment option that benefits both sellers and buyers. is a digital platform that manages money transfers abroad, connecting people from different parts of the world.
Rivium is a robo advisor app that seeks to democratize investment in Mexico through automation tools to facilitate long-term investing in diversified portfolios with a 0% fee.
Principia - invests cash reserves of middle-sized businesses, aiming to eliminate all opportunity costs of unused capital.
Moya is a money management platform for the self- employed in South Africa, this includes freelancers, sole traders and gig workers.
JOOS® is a fast, easy and innovative way to bring content creators and their fans together
Denq creates a digital account that places consumers first by offering a seamless first-rate experience despite being 100% digital.
FEXER connects people’s dreams to investment, making the future tangible, and raising bank customer conversions.
AIRA System is a tool for inspection, review and risk analysis, customer updating and cross-selling.
Surfly's vision is vision is a world where online interactions have endless possibilities.
swIDch is committed to bringing secure authentication to every digital identity even in the off-the-network environment.
We are devoted to clearing the path to a sustainable world by developing engaging tools and technical solutions that empower people to go in with their eyes open and start changing the world. Deed by deed.
Sustema analyses corporate behavior using publicly available data to significantly improve the underwriting performance of commercial insurers.
All-you-need partner for onboarding servies like KYC, Identity Verification, KYB and open banking.
Document AI platform to OCR, categorize, and extract information from documents to put information where your business needs it, automate processes, or analyze data.
Art Recognition offers to art lovers and experts an AI system which can establish the authenticity of an artwork only based on a photograph of it.
Award-winning, independent provider of transparent and science-aligned carbon emissions data and climate risk analytics
Complex data made easy. We enable you to focus on tasks that matter and draw meaningful insights from your data.
AI to help investors and companies evaluate the materiality of ESG claims, benchmark peer groups, improve portfolio allocation, reduce risks, and better engage stakeholders.
Divizend's software helps private and institutional investors to reclaim their taxes by automating the refund process of foreign withholding tax on dividends in a novel, user-friendly and price-competitive way.
InvenTrust powers infrastructure and marketplaces for transacting alternative assets.
Tech company with expertise in Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning, focuses on helping fortune 500 Corporations increase their ROI through Enterprise AI solution
Fully compliant end-to- end platform allowing banks and other highly regulated verticals to take the next step to a digital business.
Pibisi is a cloud-based modular application that allows companies of any size to automate their AML procedures.
Turns MiFIDII requirements into business opportunities by assessing clients' investment preferences, incl. ESG through behavioral finance and gamification.
Hercle developes proprietary ultra-low latency technology to offer end-to-end prime-brokerage solutions and trading algorithms to institutional investors who are interested in gaining exposure to crypto-assets.
Enterprise-grade, secure, insured and compliant digital asset custody & open finance services. builds AI-powered chatbots and voice bots that are aimed at helping enterprises cut support costs and increase sales.
Doomoolmori offers an investment solution providing a customized investment journey for each customer’s financial goal.
Blue Fire AI is a pioneering technology company passionately dedicated to digital innovation in Risk Management.
Wealth tools & smart FinApps - applying data-driven personalization and mastering automated financial advice.
InvestaX offers end to end digital securities issuance and trading for private markets.
GreenArc Capital is an impact investment fintech helping to close the UN SDG financing gap by increasing the flow of capital towards social and environmental investments.
Reinventing mobility — a seamless global mobility alliance: From taxis and city bikes to trains and spaceships.
BUYOGO is a Zurich-based software startup, which offers small and medium-sized businesses integrated digital commerce solutions.
CryptoIndexSeries provides AI-driven, institutional-grade data, analytics and trading tools for Crypto Markets.
The ethical personal impact companion and loyalty rewards platform providing the foundations for living sustainably.
MANU analytics tracks behavioral data while the person progresses through online application to identify unqualified customers before onboarding and help companies select only the best.
Mympact is the sustainable bank account that helps you live an eco-friendly live.
Enabling wealth management companies to fully integrate clients' values into the investment process.
Powering liquidity of security tokens through financial institutions.
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