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The F10 Deal

Dear Founders

investing in you is a huge privilege for us. We want to support you in the exciting journey you are just beginning and sit in the same boat with you. We see ourselves as enablers and we intend to be the first institutional investor you speak to. The F10 Incubation fund will invest mainly at angel and pre-seed stage, with follow-on investments up to Series A. We only invest in companies that emerge from the global F10 incubation programs, where we have the most leverage to add value.

We invest throughout a two stages process:

1. “Initial Investment”

50.000 CHF / 70.000 SGD for 2.50% FD stake in your company


  • Accepted to our F10 incubation program in Zurich and Singapore (more programs to come)
  • Signed Service Agreement with the local hub and Convertible Loan Agreement
  • Company must be incorporated to receive an investment. If the company is not yet incorporated, we are willing to accept you to the program and sign the Service Agreement, with the requirement to incorporate during the program.
  • Company is incorporated in a white-list country. If you are not incorporated in a white-list country, you must re-incorporate. Please check our program FAQs for more information on white-listed countries.
  • The founders have full-time working contracts with the company.
  • Transfer of the money will be done to your company’s bank account after signing.


  • Vehicle: The investment is done via a Convertible Loan with Luxembourg based Fund
  • Condition Precedent:
    The Borrower having been accepted to the Incubation Program.
    The Lender having received a copy of the Service Agreement signed by the Borrower
    The F10 Incubation Fund I SCSp is live (envisioned for January 2023)
  • Principal Amount: 50.000 CHF /70.000 SGD
  • Interest: 0%
  • Maturity: 12 month
  • Subordinated
  • Cap: 1.950.000 CHF pre-money (2.50%FD)
  • Conversion Events: Maturity Date, a Financing Round or a Change of Control.
  • Board Observer: Right to appoint aboard observer (we do not take board seats).
  • Financing Round Subscription Right: We want to invest in your subsequent rounds and request a super-pro rata investment right to invest up to 250.000 CHF or 350.000 SGD.
  • Additional Financing Round Subscription Right: Long term we like to have the option to let our LPs invest via F10 owned SPVs.

“Follow-On Investments”

We plan total follow-on investments of up to 400.000CHF or 600.000 SGD.

We will invest in your subsequent fundraising rounds post initial around 200.000CHF / 300.000 SGD, which can be a debt round or equity round.


  • You have an external lead and Term Sheet
  • We review the term sheet and our Investment Committee approves an investment


  • Terms of the round as defined in the term sheet by an external investor