Why Demo Day is More Important for You Than You Think

April 11, 2017

For a FinTech startup, demo days are usually surrounded with a huge anxiety. After all, they are the sum up of all those months of hard work. Having the perfect pitch is not easy, especially when you have so little time and so many presentations occurring at the same time. But we have good news for you. Your pitch may be just ok, but you need to be perfect on what comes next.

Take Every Opportunity

While on demo day, and despite you're completely stressed out, you need to make sure that you talk to as many investors as you can. Demo days are not simply meant to pitching. Take the time during the breaks to find them instead of checking your email or talking to your friends.This is a rare opportunity where you are surrounded by investors that can help your startup. One of the best things you can do is to approach each investor individually.

Don’t Be Shy

There's nothing to be shy about this. In fact, investors will even appreciate that you come and talk to them. The only situations that you should avoid talking to investors are when they are already talking to a startup or when they are about to leave.No matter how good or bad your pitch was, face to face conversations have a lot more importance.

Follow Up Immediately

Don't wait to reach out to all investors the next day. The more time passes by, the more likely it is for them to forget about you. Try your chances to schedule a second meeting. Since investors are pretty busy after demo days, make sure to suggest multiple meeting times. If that doesn't work, let them know that you're available on the time that they prefer, day or night.As you can see, demo days are great to show off your startup and to try to get investors on board. Since most startups are only thinking about the pitch itself, make sure that you take the rest of the day to communicate with each and every investor you can. Be polite and nice. First impressions are always important and are even more when you're trying to get them investors on board.Don't get demotivated if one investor turns you down. There are many investors who are willing to fund your startup. You just need to find them.

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