What can F10 do for you? – Interview with Enterprise Bot

May 18, 2017

Enterprise Bot provides AI powered chat bots for financial companies. This helps companies achieve economic efficiency while bettering customer satisfaction. The chat bots are platform agnostic and can be deployed onto the client’s website, mobile app or even facebook!

How did your team come together?

Our team had been involved in another tech startup prior to Enterprise Bot. We have known each other for several years and the key advantage of us working together is the diversity offered as we are all from varied business and tech backgrounds.

How did you get the idea and why did you wanted to create it?

Each of us has one thing in common: our passion for technology! We wanted to be able to solve a real business problem by applying state-of-the-art technology. Our success in a local competition where we pitched our solution was the beginning of a wonderful journey for us.

What were you doing before joining F10?

As mentioned before, we were previously involved in another tech startup where the idea was to create a concierge that would aggregate frequently used utility apps for users through a messaging platform using API’s of leading providers. So users could order a cab, reserve a restaurants table or book a flight within the same app!

Why did you choose to apply to F10?

We had been interested in the Swiss market given the opportunity and huge presence of leading financial companies. We knew that F10, given the partners and location is a leading program in Zurich and thought it might be a good experience. Also, our experience in a previous program, Startupbootcamp Fintech London, was amazing and helped us transform our idea into a business. F10 has been a great experience so far too!

How is your journey so far and what have you learned or achieved?

I think one of our shortfalls during the early days of the program was lack of focus on one thing. It was an overwhelming experience at the start as we were shuttling between London and Zurich. Over time, we learned to prioritize and really plan and focus our business activities so that we don’t spread ourselves too thin.

How is life for a startup in Zurich and at F10?

Startup life in Zurich is quite a good experience. It has been an amazing experience to engage with F10 partners and I think one of the biggest advantages for us is the willingness and speed at which partners work. Quite often, startups are agile but are held back due to large corporations not being able to engage quickly or engage with startups at all! It’s different in Zurich and there is a real value for time and acknowledgment of effort that startups put into engaging with partners.

How do you find the infrastructure?

The infrastructure is good as it’s vibrant and positive. The access to the city is really good as well. We had minor wifi issues in the start and a suggestion would be to have more stringent fixed seating for startups but on the whole, can’t complain.

What do you like most about F10?

The best part so far was the trip sledging trip! It fostered team spirit and couldn’t have been a better mid-week break from the chaotic everyday startup life.

What do you want to achieve or what is your goal for your Startup?

We want to be among the top suppliers for AI solutions in Europe and want to achieve 2 live implementations and a revenue of €1 million by the end of the year.

What is your message to the world?

Our message to the world is that AI is going to transform and disrupt not only business processes but also everyday activities to scales of efficiency that you can’t imagine.

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