The Journey Behind Riskifier

October 19, 2017

A little more than half of the year ago, Jelena and Gino attended the SIX Hackathon in Zurich - which turned out to be life changing.

It was the first time Jelena met Gino at the doors of the regulatory workshop at the SIX Hackathon, and she formed a first impression of him as a strict and serious legal guy: “He was wearing a suit which was very much out of the Hackathon scope and that of course made me crack a joke about that. This was a humble begging of our collaboration at the Hackathon”. Having combined over 16 years of banking experiences - from legal, risk management and compliance to financial markets and institutional relationship management, they have teamed up to bridge the gap between overregulation and customer-centricity. While Gino is passionate for RegTech and tackling the burdens of regulation through innovation and technology, Jelena is an advocate of customer centricity and engagement, through digitalization and simplification of the investing.  Complementary skills but a similar outlook made them a great team, Gino says: “we started having a conversation about our background as well as what we had been doing, and we pretty quickly realized that were looking at the similar way at the business idea”.

During the Hackathon, they have developed along with other participants the idea of social media powered MiFID II Suitability Assessment, which was awarded for the Golden Ticket for the final round of the next Batch of F10 Incubation Program. The initial idea served as a starting point to current Riskfier solution, which they are now further developing already as members of the second cohort of F10.

Gino & Jelena about the F10: Being accepted to the F10 program gave us an amazing opportunity to bring our idea / prototype to the next level. F10 offers an immense value – extensive coaching program, access to corporate partners and mentor network. And there is an amazing team behind F10 – very professional, dedicated and supportive, always there ready to help on your way. Riskifier is digitalizing and gamifying investment risk profiling to offer digital natives a seamless way to start with their investments through the user centric technology platform. At the same time, retail banks and investment firms can increase their client base by deploying Riskifier MiFID II Suitability Assessment as a differentiator for investor risk profiling. The Riskifier solution is combining social media data-points, behavioral finance, and gamification to empower people with meaningful behavioral insights to build their awareness and make better investment decisions.

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