The Future of Electronic Invoices Is Here

October 10, 2017

How do you send or receive your invoices? According to the Federal Statistical Office, 42 percent of people living in Switzerland delay their monthly payments and this leads to 2 million debt enforcement per year. Billte connects companies and consumers and digitizes as well as optimizes entire billing processes.

In 2017, the most used channel to deliver invoices is still by post. Billte believes it is time for a change. Their system is extremely easy, once you generate your invoices in PDF format, you simply drag and drop those into their portal and they will take care of the rest. That means no more spending time to remind your customers that their bills are due to date. By digitizing the entire process, they motivate your customers to pay their bills on time, give them different payment solutions; in a case where payments need to be restructured in a timely manner, they will still be able to settle the debt. Is that it? Of course not, they are also helping companies to generate new business, creating an instant bi-directional channel where consumers will have the power to decide which companies are interesting to them, in order to receive vouchers or special offers.

The journey

Billte has been chosen out of 250 international companies to participate at the F10 Incubation Program. The team consists of Andrea Girasole (Sales & Marketing), Vaida Alisauskaite ( Managing Director) and Danny Thüring (Development). The Billte team was able to sign their first contract with SIX Paynet, making Billte an official partner so that their bills can be read on the E-billing account of the customer.Their first MVP has been released on last week and they are now actively looking for companies interested in trying out their solution.

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