SIX & Enterprise Bot: Collaboration to optimize the customer experience

May 12, 2021

F10 sits in the sweet spot of innovation. We initiate collaboration between corporates and start-ups to create value for both, beyond financial returns. This case study kicks off a series of deep dives to showcase successful collaborations powered by the F10 ecosystem.

F10 Corporate Partner SIX and F10 Alumni Startup Enterprise Bot collaborated to optimize the SIX customer experience through a conversational AI solution. Download the report for more detail on this collaboration.

The Headache

Customers send SIX Financial Information (SIX) emails. Lots of emails. And like all customers, SIX customers expect prompt answers. Writing answers to all that email takes someone time and effort, even when most of it is repetitive, standard requests. Atypical, more complex email needs to be squeezed into that volume, and, as SIX processes massive amounts of data every second accessible by clients in real time, information had better be correct. Which takes time. And all this time adds up to grumpy, waiting customers. If only there was a solution to automate email…

The Solution

SIX and Enterprise Botcollaborated to innovate the chat solution into a bespoke email Bot solution capable of automating 60% of the email volume.

The email Bot recognizes and automatically responds to those emails that are standard request, and recognizes which ones are more complex, needing a human customer representative. As the bulk of the email volume can be automated, customer representatives have more time available to devote to more complex mail. The solution leads to faster turnarounds in both cases, meaning an overall better customer experience.

Download the Case Study

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