Renta 4 Banco and F10 are ready to shape the future of banking together

September 28, 2020

Renta 4 Banco is among the first corporates that are exploring details for a partnership with F10 in Spain to create the future of banking. We are both committed to drive DLT and digital assets forward by collaborating with the best startups, corporations, and investors. 

Corporates who partner with F1O can benefit through different ways: they can connect to our global FinTech network to collaborate with the best Fintech startups and peers, which enables them to shape the future leading Spanish hub with a global reach. At the same time, corporate partners can minimize their innovation risk by engaging with pre-screened startups, allowing for successful first-mover advantages in a promising environment. Additionally, corporate partners have the opportunity to maximize their “Return on Innovation” by accessing the latest trends, ideas, talents, and investment opportunities to capture value along the innovation value chain. Together, corporates and F1O are able to boost innovation in the financial sector to the next level. 

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