Packing List for the F10 FinTech Hackathon Zurich

February 19, 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming game-changers from all over the world at the biggest FinTech Hackathon in Europe and boosting innovation in the financial world together! Here are tips on how to prepare for 48 hours of programming and ideation and what to pack.


The participants of the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Zurich are invited to solve one out of four real-life challenges that the finance industry is currently facing – or promote innovation in the financial world by realizing their own ideas. The Premium Sponsors SIX and Julius Baer as well as Hackathon host F10 have provided challenges. Would you like to use open banking to develop smart financial management tools that help SME focus on their core business without being crushed by administrative work? Do you have a bright idea how rural areas can access cash in the future when the numbers of ATM are declining? Are you interested in developing models that help SME understand their position within the industry and to easily identify areas for improvement? What about developing a prototype to strategically enhance the private banking service value and thus reshaping the future of private banking? Make sure you understand the Hackathon challenges before attending the event. Find more information about the challenges here. In case you want to transfer your own idea into a validated prototype at the F10 FinTech Hackathon Zurich: be prepared to pitch your vision to potential team members.

Hackathons are great opportunities to connect with like-minded people. If you attend the ideation get-together without knowing who will be there, you can miss meeting interesting people such as future customers, investors and business partners because you don’t recognize them or have no idea how to start a conversation with the person you are interested in. Before coming to the Hackathon, do a quick research on the people you would like to connect with. You can find a list of sponsors, partners and mentors here.

Team building will take place on Friday evening and please do not worry if you attend the Hackathon alone. Many participants coming from various backgrounds will be looking for teammates and you will find a group to join or build your own Hackathon team with other attendants following the same mission.The F10 FinTech Hackathon Zurich is taking place at StageOne. Please check how to get to the Hackathon location.

Address: StageOne Event & Convention Hall, Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146, 8050 Zürich

From Zurich’s main station, it takes less than 15 minutes to reach StageOne. The closest train station is Zurich-Oerlikon and trams number 10, 11 as well as 14 also stop at the Oerlikon station. There are about 20 connections between main station and Oerlikon per hour. From the train station in Oerlikon, follow the Hackathon stickers and the signage to StageOne. Doors will open on Friday, 28th of February 2020, at 4.00 pm. Please be on time.

Try to get enough sleep the night before the Hackathon as sleep-deprivation may be a temporary side effect of the 48-hours event.

The space at StageOne will not only be used for ideation and coding but also for fun activities, delicious food buffets and relaxing zones. Hackathon participants who wish to stay at a hostel or hotel need to organize the accommodation at their own cost.

Pack the following items:

  • laptop and charger
  • smartphone and charger
  • headphones
  • small toilet bag with toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant
  • fresh clothes
  • pyjamas
  • sleeping bag (this is not mandatory but feel free to bring one if you wish to)
  • ear plugs
  • personal medicine / allergens
  • business cards

Food and drinks will be offered at the Hackathon, so you don’t have to bring anything to eat or drink unless you have special requests.

We cannot wait for the biggest FinTech Hackathon in Europe to start!

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