“I want to work in FinTech.” – “Cool! … wait what?!”

November 8, 2017

Lisa Schröder - who had started at F10 as an intern in 2017 and is holding the position of Operations & Program Lead at F10 Singapore in 2020 - told us about the reasons why she has wanted to work in financial technology.

How did I end up in FinTech? My journey is a rather unconventional one – from a corporate point of view. From literature over marketing to FinTech, I discovered many fields and will probably continue to do so. What I describe here is yet quite typical for the space that I want to remain in: entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs started in one field and end up in the other. And FinTech is probably the most exciting spaces you can work in the Tech scene right now.Working in a startup means a certain kind of freedom. The general rules of big corporations – taking a subordinate role, working from 9 to 5, for example, - do not apply here.

In a Startup, you get responsibility for important tasks right from the start, which means you need to jump right into your challenges, get involved with your professional surrounding and get your hands dirty. That way, you get the chance to grow with the community around you and co-create a future environment not only in the work space but also in the tech field that you are active in. It is inevitable to keep track with recent changes of law, regulations and trends as it is an ever-evolving environment. Sound scary? It is not! But it certainly requires a few character traits for a successful collaboration in a startup:

  • Passion: you need to love what you do.
  • Adaptability: go with the flow as the environment around you constantly changes.
  • Resilience: stay realistic, there is now room for pure optimists or pessimists, and overcome your obstacles.
  • Self-motivation: continuous learning and a self-starter attitude get you far when solving problems.
  • Team player: help others out, and ask and give feedback to keep things smooth within your team.
  • Honesty: you don’t know how to solve a certain problem? Simply speak up, that is why you have a team behind you.It is okay to have weaknesses – as long as you strive for improving yourself and keep learning.

That explains the entrepreneurial part, let’s talk about FinTech. Even though the field is quite young, it attracts finance veterans. Or is it because of it? For non-financial people, FinTech is not as abstract as it sounds. It is actually part of your everyday life. Credit cards, online-banking, e-commerce are only a few buzz words that you use one regular basis. Many startups are operating in the B2C business, which makes FinTech more tangible. FinTech startups thus give you the chance to co-create the financial world without ever having worked in a financial institution. But also for those, who have a deeper understanding of finance, regulation and insurance, FinTech bears a huge opportunity for unfolding their skills and expertise to the fullest. In both cases, working in a FinTech startup offers professional fulfilment.

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