Futurae: Safe Login With Sound Recognition

October 30, 2017

We need to remember a lot of passwords. One for our laptop login, e-mail accounts, work login, online passwords… The list could get endless. The hook is, that we should use different passwords for each account and if we are working in a highly secured working place, it even requires us to use an additional authentication process.

Multiple safety precautions are necessary, but at the same time they carry a bunch of negative side effects: required additional time, a great deal of thought to keep everything in mind and a bad usability.This is also what the founders of Futurae thought!

The futur(a)e login process

The Futurae authentication suite offers strong authentication for online services that is fast, cost-effective and straightforward to integrate while improving the customer experience. Their most innovative product is called SoundProof, which verifies that the end-user’s phone and computer are co-located. The innovative, AI-assisted technology analyzes very short ambient sound recordings from the two devices and compares them on the mobile phone. User privacy is key! No sensitive user data ever leaves the mobile phone. The end-user is authenticated when the algorithm proves that both devices are in the same “audio” environment. The awesome thing about the solution is that the end-user does not have to interact with his phone, which can be left in his pocket or bag. As long as it is in the same room, SoundProof works. Overall, the authentication takes just a few seconds. Ultrasound is used in case there is no noise.

A sound team

The three co-founders Claudio Marforio, Sandra Tobler and Nikos Karapanos met at a FinTech conference in California. Since the foundation of their startup, the team grew to seven team members.

“We all believe 100 percent in the success of Futurae, which is why we gave up our secure jobs and started to work for our idea. We are very much convinced that we have a unique product that has a huge potential worldwide - because it improves the usability of all users and IT security is becoming even more important in the future! Another reason is certainly our strong team; we have the best people in every position, where everyone is committed and supporting one another - that motivates incredibly! And we have really the chance to change the world!”

The post-F10 era

After graduating from the F10 Incubation Program and benefiting from the network, Futurae was able to generate various projects and ultimately win the first corporate customers. Ever since then they’re overwhelmed with requests of the market by all sorts of players. They recently just won the first deal in Hong Kong. Successful as they are, Futurae won customers within and outside the financial service and insurance industry.“If our startup would be a fruit, it’ll be a coconut. A coconut symbolizes the taste of holidays and the easy life. This is exactly what our users should feel using our solution. We not only provide an entirely invisible authentication that they can relax, we also take care of their online security in the best possible way what is symbolized by the robust shell of the coconut,” says Sandra Tobler, CEO of Futurae.

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