Flow - an online wallet from and for Africans

September 17, 2021

Flow was part of the first Incubation Program in Barcelona, Spain. The Tunisian-born fintech is an online wallet that helps Africans get financially liberated by providing accessible, fast, and cheap financial services.

We talked to Omar Guizani, Founder and CEO at Flow to learn more about their mission and their experience in the F10 Incubation Program.

What does Flow do exactly?

International payments are still extremely slow and expensive in large parts of Africa. Flow is an online wallet that facilitates international value transfer. Our users are able to make instant International payments at more than 10x cheaper than most of our competitors.

Why did you decide to apply to the F10 Incubator in Spain?

F10 seemed like the perfect partner to have. We were in the final stage of our MVP and were looking for a catalyst to help us get the last steps to our launch sorted. F10 gave us the guidance we needed in a critical stage of our startup..

What does it mean to Flow to be the first African startup in the program?

We were definitely proud of that! This shows the interest organisations like F10 & SIX are giving to the rising continent that is Africa - and we cannot contain our pride for being the ones leading the way.

How was your experience during the F10 Spain Incubation Program?

Empowering to say the least. Expert insights with trainings and mentoring, added to challenging deliverables that make you grow as fast as possible and a lot of connections which in the end is what remains the most valuable!

How did you come up with the idea of the “F10 Coins” for Demo Day?

Such application is directly aligned with our capabilities and what we do. We overheard F10 team discussing the possibility of an investment platform for the demo day audience - which directly rung a bell for us. We offered our services to F10 and the team accepted our proposal straight away. I have to say it was a warming sign of trust - we felt part of the family… and we are happy that it went very well in the end.

What would be your advice to an early-stage startup?

Be genuine, be bold, drop the fear & don’t limit yourself. Most of us in the startup world do not know exactly what we’re doing but you should know what you’re aiming for.

What’s next for Flow?

Our launch! We’ll be performing a private beta in different parts of Europe & Africa in the coming weeks. Starting from November, this beta will open to public as we are aiming to go live on January 22’!

Image credit: Flow

What call to action would you want to share with theF10 Ecosystem?

If you feel that you can make a difference, even with the smallest of deeds, just act on it. I believe that F10 ecosystem is just at the beginning. We’re looking forward to participate in the development of this ecosystem. So only one thing remains for me to say : Be strong & bold in your endeavours & “Go with the Flow”.

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