Bringing the Powerful Hackathon Recruitment Model to the Finance Industry with Traderion

January 9, 2017

We are delighted to feature one of our Startup in Program – get to know the story behind Traderion.

Traderion evaluates, assesses, profiles, and trains trading professionals using data-analytics from proprietary gamified simulators to take talent management and recruitment of trading professionals to unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency. Participants are tested and trained in the same environment in which they will operate to ensure maximal efficacy. Performance data is used to generate comprehensive reports on each candidate in order to match him or her with the best position.

" Being an entrepreneur is all about building your startup story and, ultimately, your own story...the story is everything."

What is your Startup about?

Traderion is the flight simulator for traders. We combine technology and gamification to create a platform where the candidates test and learn their knowledge in the same environment in which they will operate. This environment is adapted to the way millenials learn by enabling multiplayer role-playing and the same game mechanics they are familiar with from the most popular online games.

How did your team come together?

We met at a summer school in finance in 2012 where we organized a trading game for the participants. The participants quickly became addicted to the game and have encouraged us to create an online version of it so they can continue playing.

How did you get the idea and why did you wanted to create it?

In his previous role as a trader Florin C. worked with junior traders and has helped the HR managers recruit better talent and train them. That is how he got the idea of creating a tool that is both efficient at identifying the right talent and effective at training and developing that talent.

What were you doing before joining F10?

We have been a part of another accelerator in US and, after graduation, we received a small investment from a group of angels in Charlotte, NC, followed by a pre-seed investment from Seedcamp in London. We used the funds to build a commercially viable prototype.

Why did you choose to apply to F10?

F10 offers a great opportunity to continue building on our product and business model in a structured setup and with the help of great mentors. In addition, the opportunity of potentially working with SIX, PwC Switzerland and Julius Bär or at least do a pilot together, all that at zero cost, makes the “F10 story” a perfect one for every early stage FinTech startup.

How is your journey so far and what have you learned or achieved?

The program exceeded our expectations; the team, our mentor and the people at SIX, PwC Switzerland and Julius Bär are all working hard to help us achieve our objectives. We have learned a lot about how we can better use our technology to cater to the needs of an industry that is rapidly changing. Almost two months into the program, we have already improved the user experience in our product significantly and identified very concrete projects we can develop together with PwC Switzerland and SIX.

How is life for a startup in Zurich and at F10?

Zurich is one of the largest financial centers in the world and this alone makes it an ideal place for a FinTech startup. At F10 we are getting not just mentoring but also excellent connections to the relevant people in the right companies for us.

How do you find the infrastructure?

The infrastructure is perfect for early stage startups and this is because the perfect infrastructure is about so much more than just office space, wireless and a great coffee machine. It is about access to people, first and foremost. At F10 office, we are working together with some of the best people from SIX and we can always ask for their help. That is what we like the most about the infrastructure at F10…that and the F10 branded beers.

What do you like most about F10?

What we like the most is the customized approach to each startup. We are all FinTech and early stage, but that is where all the similarities stop. We all have different needs and the F10 team is really good at customizing the help that they offer to each specific startup. Equally important and really amazing is how involved the corporate sponsors are. They are spending a lot of time at F10 and are really involved in the program. It’s almost like they are a part of the F10 team.

What do you want to achieve or what is your goal for your Startup?

Our goal at the end of the program is to complete the development of our product and to work with at least two clients in Zurich.

What is your message to the world?

Being an entrepreneur is all about building your startup story and, ultimately, your own story...the story is everything.

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