Advocate for Startups & Digitization in Politics, Judith Bellaiche is Taking the Parliament by Storm

June 19, 2017

Bellaiche is changing the way digitization is being perceived by the governement.

“In politics, we must overcome our fears related to digitization and need to learn how to turn upcoming challenges into opportunities.”

Judith has been a member of the Cantonal Parliament of Zurich for over six years and is delegate to the Commission on Economy and Tax. Previously, she ran her own micro-company in event management and worked in different corporates with a main focus on the financial industry. She has thus gained insight both on political and economic rationales.She came across the startup ecosystem a couple of years ago and was fascinated by its dynamics and its positive attitude towards change and challenge. She has since become an advocate for startups and digitization in politics, gaining awareness of the knowledge gap, hesitance and time lagging regarding our upcoming challenges within a digital age. She has, for instance, participated in a successful political campaign against a hostile tax regime for startups and has created a Parliamentary group to facilitate knowledge transfer and networking between politician and startup exponents, working on an ongoing mindshift to overcome reluctance related to digitization.Persuaded that Switzerland holds the potential to further lead worldwide innovation, Judith believes that politics yet need to embrace the paradigm shift in order to defend our leadership. Enabling innovation means creating a positive and friendly environment for startups.Bellaiche will be at the F10 on July 3rd where she will be delivering a keynote speech to the attendees.Follow the politician on Twitter @judithbellaiche for great inspiration.

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