About Working with Startups...

August 24, 2017

A friend living in Silicon Valley once told me... "Working with startups is just as hard as working in a big company - you just have different stresses."

After making the change from working in a big bank to working directly on startups, I can say this is absolutely true. At a big company I spent my time worrying about fighting to change things in a big slow organisation driven by politics and personalities, alignments and multi-year budgets.Now working with startups I spend my time worrying about where the money is coming from, how we can launch a product out of all these great ideas, and keeping talent. Its.Just. Different. Stress. Check out my latest vLog... its 90-seconds of startup culture. This was taken during our Top 25 Speed Dating Days at the F10 Incubator in Zürichfocusing on FinTech. If you want to join our next program at F10, the registration opens on September 15.Top Five Great Things About Working in a Big Company 👍🏽

  1. Salary & Pension - comes every month, is pretty big, doesn't fluctuate much
  2. Holidays - uninterrupted 5+ weeks a year, nice!
  3. Ego - people understand, respect what you do when you say the company's name
  4. Steady Wins - new clients, promotions, new roles, annual bonus and raise...yeah!
  5. Leverage - you can move mountains with that big brand and budget

Flop Five: Big Company 🏢

  1. Politics - who you know drives everything and people who "align" get ahead
  2. Conformity - act different and you will get killed, unemotional robots wanted
  3. Slowness - to change things or get any decision takes literally years
  4. 1,001 Rules - constant barrage of legal, compliance, reg, HR policies
  5. Time Machine - I felt like my lifetime was disappearing into blank void

Top Five Great Things About Working with Startups 🤘🏽

  1. Energy & Passion - super high willpower and Yes We Can attitude
  2. Speed - from idea to executed in a day - its amazing to feel for first time
  3. Steep Learning - from digital marketing, vLogging, design...I'm learning!
  4. Youthfulness - generally change a generation or two backwards (regardless of age)
  5. Culture - I can be who I really am, and people actually love & appreciate that

Flop Five: Startups ⚰

  1. Money Issues - cash is king and startups don't have much, if any
  2. Founder Issues - it almost always seems to go bad, usually real fast
  3. Product Issues - integration and scalability are always issues
  4. Constant Failure - there are very few moments where you think " we made it"
  5. Multi-Tasking - can lead to major inefficiency, some days I feel I get little done
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