5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the F10 Scaleup Program

March 12, 2020

Mature FinTech Startups looking to grow their business need strong partners. The F10 Scaleup Program fosters collaboration between international post-revenue, post-seed Startups and the F10 Corporate Members. Read here why your Startup should apply to the recently launched Accelerator Program starting in Zurich in May 2020.

FinTech offers the finance industry new options to adapt to changing customer needs, reduce costs and make financial products available to new customer segments. Agile FinTech Startups addressing the needs of the clients of tomorrow are entering markets that had been the exclusive realm of traditional banks, insurances and financial institutions for decades. F10 as THE HOME OF FINTECH strongly believes that established institutions should collaborate with disruptive Startups instead of competing. Therefore, F10 recently launched a new program for post-revenue, post-seed staged FinTechs that are looking to partner with Swiss-based banks and insurance companies, as well as the Swiss stock exchange SIX. The three-month Scaleup Program is centred around three-day bootcamps in Zurich, with masterclasses on sales, scaling and fundraising topics, 1-on-1 pilot workshops with Corporate Members, and investor matchmaking.Here are five reasons for your Startup to apply for the F10 Scaleup Program starting in Zurich in May 2020.

1. Start pilot projects with the big players

One of the main hurdles for FinTech companies looking to scale their business is finding reliable partners for pilot projects. With the F10 Scaleup Program, F10 facilitates pilots with Swiss banks, insurance companies and the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX. During the first three-day bootcamp the Startups accepted into the F10 Scaleup Program are invited to Speed Dating with the Corporate Members, whereas the next bootcamp focuses on 1-on-1 pilot workshops. Participating Startups can also receive a free Scaleup Qualification from our partner Capgemini worth CHF 20’000. The 360-degree qualification process will evaluate your ability and maturity to collaborate with incumbents and is an ultimate certificate of trust for future collaborations.

2. Get invaluable feedback

True collaboration includes offering opinions and being open for other perspectives. According to an article by the platform “Entrepreneur”, most successful entrepreneurs “are not only good at sharing information and ideas, they are often eager for the opinions and reviews of others and include the best ideas of others into their own thinking.”The Startups accepted into the F10 Scaleup Program can benefit from free office space at the F10 FinTech Co-Working Space in Zurich for the duration of the program. Key representatives from banks, insurance companies and consulting firms are regular guests at F10. Startup entrepreneurs thus have the chance to brainstorm and get direct feedback on their products or services from potential customers or partners. The F10 Startup Coaches who have incubated and accelerated around 100 ventures are just around the corner and happy to share their know-how and expertise on a variety of topics such as customer acquisition, growth strategy, international expansion and communications. The Coaches can also make individual intros to potential partners and investors in Switzerland and Europe.

3. Enhance your network

In almost every handbook on how to develop and promote businesses, the importance of networking is emphasized and a Google search with the keywords “business networking” produces almost 970 million results as of March 2020. Networking is a valuable way to learn from other professionals, industry experts and scholars, generate referrals and business, raise your profile and increase confidence.The F10 Scaleup Program is an ideal opportunity for you to connect not only with potential customers or partners, but also with the most relevant FinTech players and institutions. THE HOME OF FINTECH has become an obligatory stop for FinTech delegations, regulatory bodies and investors from all over the world. In addition, more than 100 international Startups in the FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech space are part of a growing F10 Community. During the Scaleup Program, F10 will facilitate an ecosystem day with 1:1 sessions between Startups and Mentors who will help with subject-matter-expertise and introductions to corporations beyond the F10 community.

4. Acquire new skills

What is the best way to close B2B technology sales deals in Switzerland? Which organizational aspects need to be considered when scaling your business? How can you raise your next fundraising round? During three bootcamps at the F10 Space in Zurich, the Startups in the Scaleup Program can enhance their knowledge and know-how about sales, scaling and fundraising. Learn from the renowned F10 Startup Coaches, Industry Experts, as well as other entrepreneurs from all over the world.

5. Get access to the F10 FinTech Sandbox

F10 had announced the launch of its FinTech Sandbox in October 2019. The first and only FinTech Sandbox in Switzerland is powered by open banking pioneer and F10 alumni ndgit and it is the first use case to provide the PSD2 APIs based on the Berlin Group Standard – thus bringing PSD2 technology to Switzerland for the first time. Since its launch, the Sandbox has been added with additional APIs, such as the b.Link API from SIX which will connect FinTechs with major Swiss banks starting later this year. FinTechs can already test against the b.Link API today in the F10 FinTech Sandbox. End users of the F10 FinTech Sandbox are the nearly 100 Startups in the F10 ecosystem. All the teams in the Scaleup Program are invited to build, test and deploy new features in the F10 FinTech Sandbox.

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