200 Startups on the Map

September 28, 2021

For our quarterly release, we are thrilled to announce the incorporation of almost 30 startups to the InsurTech Map. 

This article first appeared on HITS - House of Insurtech

Within six months, accordantly to the research of the map’s co-creators IFZ of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the DACH Insurtech Radar recently released by our Network Partners Oliver Wyman & PolicenDirekt, 29 new startups  have been added to the initiative.

The Insurtech Map has shown significant growth as it continues to incorporate startups from the DACH region and updates its database through technology-based identification of new startups in the region, proving the great potential of the fast-growing Insurtech ecosystem and the much-needed space to showcase it.


Today, you can find 200 startups in the InsurTech Map and explore the data with an organized view of the startups based on academic research, divided into the value chain, line of business areas, and technology.

The Insurtech Map was first launched in March of this year, showcasing startups from all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein to create a better-connected ecosystem, increase startup visibility, and empower stronger collaborations. An initiative by House of InsurTech Switzerland (HITS), F10, and Kickstart.

Here are the new additions to the map divided by Value Chain:

Claims and Customer Service:


Marketing and Distribution

Product Development, Pricing & Underwriting

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