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You are a visionary who sees the future of finance in today’s startups.

Release the constraints of corporate culture and explore new technology in a risk-free entrepreneurial environment. Because to collaborate is to future-proof.

Connect with the most promising and experienced minds in FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and DeepTech to share knowledge and stay ahead of the latest trends.
What we offer

Your partnership, your way

Connect - Ecosystem & Network
Connect with the most promising early-stage FinTechs & InsurTechs working on the latest trends and looking to collaborate with industry incumbents.  

Exchange and share ideas with our network of corporate partners, investors, mentors and experts locally and globally.

Ecosystem. Network. Trends.
Explore - Dealflow
Gain access to carefully screened best-in-class startups responding to your innovation needs.

Streamline your dealflow process and take advantage of our expert startup sourcing service reviewing 2500+ startup applications per year.

Dealflow. Opportunities. Speed.
Collaborate - Open Innovation
With our corporate programs you accelerate your ability to leverage business opportunities by gaining access to the best enterprise-ready startups.

Set yourself up for success with our proven methodology of need-finding, startup sourcing and collaboration delivery.

Need finding. Corporate Innovation. Collaboration Success.
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Accelerate Climate FinTech

F10 and New Energy Nexus unite their strengths in incubating and accelerating FinTech innovation globally and their in-depth expertise in Climate FinTech.
Visit Climate Fintech Alliance

Understand your real innovation needs

Before anything else, we work with you to assess your current innovation capabilities, so we can define a roadmap aligned with your needs.
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Expertise to help you achieve your goals

Our team has deep expertise in corporate innovation, startup collaboration and the financial industry.
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Driving Innovation

“F10 is the connection plug between agile startups and us smart incumbents”
Pietro Carnevale, CEO of House of Insurtech Switzerland
Meet our corporate partners

World-class financial institutions, consultancies and tech firms

The benefits

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New perspectives on your business challenges
Carefully screened startups
Work with best in class innovators
Innovation without risk
Proof of concept before you commit
Stay competitive in a fast-moving world
Member round table
Knowledge sharing with your peers
Combine decades of experience with an agile approach
Global hubs
Join us in Switzerland, Singapore and Spain

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Marc Hauser

Head F10 Switzerland
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Jonas Thürig

Head F10 Singapore


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Head of Global Business Development
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